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you can´t use up creativity .Maya AngelouI am very proud to have be nomination for 3 Awards!!!! I have been awarded, nominated and now I will give a big Thank You to the two great and wonderful artists Carolina Russo And  Mihaela Georgescu for some wonderful awards.

Mihaela nominated me for the Creative Blogger Award. Carolina nominated me for The Starlight Blogger award and The Sisterhood of the World. Carolina has shown me what good blogging is and what blog networks can do and she has helped me spreading my blog by putting a link on to my blog on her sidebar. A big Thank You, Carolina!!!!

I had no idea people did this award thing on blogs. It sure is a wonderful thing. There are so many wonderful blogs out there that deserve to be noticed.  I will put a link to some of the ones I love reading and that has some awesome spirit. I really hope it is ok that I do the award thing my way. So what I like to do here is to put some links to other bloggers and answer some questions that has come with the award.


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Here are some of the blogs I find intriguing.


 I love Dana her blog is a cool, relaxing lifestyle blog with lots of style. keywords: food, restaurants, travel, places, fashion.

Cecilie Telle has a great blog about knitting, she lives in London and hold Crochet and knitting Course there!!!  Cecilie: “I have a love of traditional crafts. Handmade functional objects are often constructed in such a clever way. Each object is unique and reflects the presence of its maker: in a sense the imperfections and choices we see, remind us of what it is to be human.”

I love the energy in this blog  Kerfe and Nina ” Kerfe and Nina have known each other since their days on Seventh Avenue, designing textiles for the clothing market of the late 70’s.  Over the years they have tried to inspire each other to keep doing art work.  Life gets in the way a lot, so they started this blog to have a place to see each other’s work and also post items of interest.  Please enjoy the artwork!”

This blog is wonderful. Debbie: “celebrating ordinary moments through creative expression, DIY projects and random acts to reclaim my creative spirit. “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” Maya Angelou”

Have a look at Sue Clancy her work is wonderful: “she has a serious paper habit; she creates handmade paper, marbles it or uses other techniques to create patterns and texture on the paper. Using the finished paper she cuts out shapes and collages them into bold, carefully designed, visual stories.”

I Love cooking so blogs about food is soooooo inspiring to me. Vidya Srinivasan from Chennai, that lives in the USA say: “I started this blog to primarily keep a record of sorts for all the recipes that I try. Instead of writing everything that I learnt in a notebook, publishing it on the internet would help not only me, but a lot of people who are looking for new and interesting recipes.”

And here are a few more great blogs. I hope you take a look at them all souldiergirl / wallofwonders / palmiragq / lisachelkowski /


  1. Why do you have a Blog? I like to spread positive words about the importance of practising creativity as a healthy life style. And I like to get to know other creative people worldwide.
  2. What inspire you the most? Positive people inspire me the most.
  3. Do you like to create your work on day or night? I work best evening and at night.
  4. What is your favourite book? and why? I love 村上春樹 Murakami Haruki, and his books specially Kafka on the Shore. Why I love this book most because sometimes it is beautiful and at times it is rather the opposite. “a blend of popular culture, mundane detail, magical realism, suspense, humor, an involved plot, and potent sexuality. It also features an increased emphasis on Japanese religious traditions, particularly Shinto.”  wikipedia
  5. What mood do you have when you create? Art is my profession so I just have to work when I can. I can’t let my mood play a part on whether I can work or not. It is a job so I have to find some work that suits my mood.
  6. What is your favourite Colour? Every colour, I love them all. It is more about colour on what, or where and what colour it is beside it, and how they play together.
  7. Do you prefer the Ocean or Mountain? Ocean, I had my first years just a 10 minutewalk from a lovely white sandy beach. Most times it is windy and the air is fresh, clean and cold. You get the feeling that it is the only place you can really breathe deeply.
  8. What type of jewelry do you like? At the moment I love the Boho Style.
  9. Tea or Coffee? Coffee with cream. Is the most important for me in the mornings. I have to sit down in my chair, feel in peace and not let anything get me out of that meditation , and I often have one more before I go.
  10. What is your dream? I just have to say, ohhh wow, I really don’t know.
  11. If you describe or picture your inner soul how will you describe it?   Carolina that is a really hard question you are asking. In your answered you mention the colour blue, I think my colour is the white. and you also wrote something that goes for me too “My soul is encouraging and positive to others and myself.”  I am sure this is one of the reasons why you and me get along so well.
  12. What are you working on right now? I am participating in a competition for a (big) commission.  I also have an exhibition next year that takes a lot of time. And I am working on some online classes that I hope will be up and running in October.                                   
  13. What is your creative dream project? I love to do big paintings on canvas. It looks like so much fun and I know that it is, because I have done big paintings before. But the reason for my art and its intention and the contents, I always end up using watercolours and drawings. (But I can do paintings on canvas as a hobby, I hope this answer made sense?)

Award blog. work space

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” Maya Angelou





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  1. OmG Magny that’s a beautiful post and THANK YOU so much for your wonderful words, and all the answers to my Starlight questions are great! You are a true inspiration and yes we go along so beautifully! I adore you and your Art <3 <3 <3

  2. What a wonderful post! I loved reading your answers! By everything you wrote, I feel that I know you better and also that you are an amazing person and a wonderful artist! Thank you for mentioning me in your post, I am honored! I am in England right now, on vacation, with my family and I am enjoying every moment (I fell in love with England), but once I get back, I will check all the blogs that you recommended to us! Have a wonderful day! Mihaela

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