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In today’s post, I would like to show you something fun to paint. I have created a tutorial on how to use masking fluid and there are some beginner tips too. So if you are not used to masking fluid try it out and have some fun. Playing is all that matters when it comes to painting in your sketchbook. I am trying out something not too difficult,  and I will show you something I did some time ago. I had a lovely photo of flowers that I love to paint, and it is leading me into spring!

Sometimes I use masking fluid when I paint with watercolor. Not very often but, but when I need it. It is just the best help! You can save a LOT of time.
Masking fluid is a liquid that dries quickly into a gum. When It is dry it protects the paper and you do what you want over the masking fluid. For example, do a color wash, or cover the whole paper with as many layers of colors as you like. and the magic is that,  when It is all dry, you can remove the dried masking fluid with an eraser or a finger or a stiff paintbrush. The gum has a slight green tint so it is easier to see where you painted it.
What I find the most challenging with the masking fluid is that it sometimes leaves hard-edges, but you can soften these if you lift and transfer some of the pigments with a damp brush.
I love the masking fluid from Sennelier. It has a neat applicator tip so that you can draw fine details. One more great thing is that the Sennelier masking fluid doesn’t have the typical problems from the other brands like a stinking smell, or covering the delicate brush tip with a lump of gum and leaving you with a damaged useless brush.
TIP – If you are in a learning process I can recommend that you spend some time to discover the possibilities and then you can work to develop a style really quickly.
You can, of course, use masking fluid when you draw. I draw a lot and I must admit I feel a bit stupid to not think of this idea before. It is never too late to learn!


Masking fluid tips

  • Do not use on wet or damp paper
  • Use old brushes
  • Wash brushes in soapy water immediately after use.
  • Make sure the fluid is dry before applying the paint.
  • The fluid should not be left on paper for long a time.
  • Don’t shake the bottle of the masking fluid before you use it
  • Remove the gum by gently rubbing, notice if the pigments leave marks when you rub, it sometimes happens if there is too much pigment.

To get your watercolor painting experience off to a successful start, this is what you need


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Find a flower photo that makes your heart sing. I started to draw using a pencil.
• Do a pencil drawing first, and then an ink outline.
• I lay down the masking fluid for the parts for flowers before I started the ink drawing.
Since I am using gouache (a type of watercolor) for my background I have to work fast, because if it dries, the next layer will leave stains.
• The ink must be dry before coloring.
• Masking fluid – the gum must be dry before you apply paint.
• Paint layer by layer, let the paint dry for every new stroke.

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  • I waited for the under-layer to dry before removing the gum using a brush and an eraser.
  • I like contrasts in drawings so, in addition to the dip pen, I used Pigma micron pen because it gives fine thin line and it dries quickly. The Pigma is totally waterproof. The thin lines give a nice contrast to the thicker ink lines.
  • All you need to do after drawing is to paint the color of the flowers.  Try not to over-work the flowers. Let the drawing play along with the watercolors and then see what works best for the composition.
I hope the post is useful to you.  Don’t hesitate to comment below if you have any questions or if you have a suggestion for a new watercolor tutorial.
I love to hear from you!
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  1. Lovely painting, and thanks for the tips! Must try this masking fluid, it looks easy to apply. I have two tips of my own for masking fluid: if you put a little soap on the brush before using it, the masking fluid washes out more easily. And also, don’t forget to take it off! I’ve done that before, and had to use collage over it to salvage the painting! 💕💕

    1. What a great tip. I will try it out. I always love to hear new tips and tricks so thank you so much.

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