Watercolor painted flowers using only water soluble pens and pencils

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Hello! creative friends!  I hope you are doing well! Last weekend I was working with some water soluble pens and pencils and it made me think of things that I should share with you.
I love these pens and pencils for so many reasons.

Firstly, they are so versatile when used together with ordinary watercolors. There are many ways to use them.
They are  great for precise drawings but when you use a wet wet brush on them, the richly pigmented water-soluble lines turn into watercolor paint.  In this post you will see that I use them without the watercolors.

When I use the watercolor markers and pencils I usually paint traditional watercolors at first and then go over painting with the watercolor pencils to make sharper lines and edges. But, when I painted these flowers I worked in a much looser style as you can see in the video.

Faber-Castell Art GRIP watercolor pencils are fabulous and the watercolor effects are lovely. They are acid-free and highly fade-resistant. Another wonderful thing about these pencils, is that they are an ergonomic triangular shape and have a soft-grip-zone for comfort. When I was working towards my last exhibition, I spent hours and hours painting botanical watercolors and oh boy, I really did notice and appreciate the comfort of these pencils.

LYRA  artist quality Art Pens have gorgeous vibrant colors for painting flowers. They can be almost transparent and they blend really well. They come in 50 different colors.
Lightfast water-based colors.

Pure Squirrel brush. These are lovely soft brushes, some find them too soft, but for my loose style of painting they are perfect. They hold a lot of water so they are great for painting backgrounds.  I Love them so much that I have them in 3 different brands that are all very good, da Vinci, W&N and Raphail.  I have one from Raphail that is synthetic  and it is just as good! The Syntetic brush from Raphail are made for people that don’t want to use animal hair so they are not cheaper.

I am painting on Canson montval watercolor paper. It is a great value for money so it is one of my favorite cold pressed papers. It comes in blocks and is acid-free and naturally whiteMontval is a top quality watercolour practice paper and is perfect for beginners and improvers. It is suitable for all wet techniques including watercolor, gouache, ink and acrylic. Montval is a forgiving paper allowing you to correct your work. 

Do you use watersoluble pens and pencils? Which are your favorites? Are there questions you would like me to talk about in a future blog?
You know I always love your feedback.


Here is my latest video where I am using a watercolor pencil and water soluble pens. I hope you enjoy!! 


WATERCOLOR PENCILS and water soluble pens.

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