Upcycled pencil cases from old leather jackets

playUpcycled pencil cases and decorating.

I was completely inspired by my friend Katarina. her knowledge on details is just amazing. The sewing skills are a clear boost and my energy level goes from 0 to 100. When she came we did a little workshop on my diner table.

She came here to show her new bag collection to a few selected shops. We have taken long walks by the lake, drank large cups of tea and spent time making new purses and testing leather paint. The purses I made are really perfect for my use, one of them is for my external hard drive. We are the type of person who love doing something and not knowing how it will turn out before we have finished. And we love the magical feeling we get when we make something new that is a surprise, this always gives me new inspiration and then know what to do next!


When I get friends here to visit, I make an effort to get proper time to have a relaxed feeling. This I do by making a long lovely breakfasts and make homemade dinners. I make sure there is lots of tea and coffee. A lovely walk where there is spectacular nature is just as important and I love the times we do small workshops. I noticed a long time ago that doing creative things make us happier, satisfied and relaxed.


I love when Katarina and I do small workshops together. Even though she lives a 7 hours drive from me we can do workshops over Skype. Katarina’s web site.

The purses I make are easy to do, the sewing is basic and is perfect for beginners. I like when I can do the paintings fast or slow and the paint I am using is more or less dry after 20 minutes depending on how thick I paint. The Angelus Leather Paint are really good! This workshop makes me want to order some more. Where to order the paint? Go here. For the drawings I been using POSCA

I usually paint before I sew.

painting DIY

katarina gronmyrpursrore

Katarina Gronmyr


pursI been using some old leather jackets for this purpose, I cut the leather just as long as the zipper. Sew the leather to the zipper and then turn and stick down to the zipper then I sew the side, (do keep the zipper open) and then turn. For a better explanation make a comment and I will ad more details and a drawing to this post.







28 thoughts on “Upcycled pencil cases from old leather jackets

  1. Magny those little bags are so beautiful! I love the work you and your friend did and the way you painted them! I like the recycling idea for the leather jackets. Upcycle is one things I like to do. I used to paint on fabric and create garments which is something I would love to do again near my jewelry. Thanks for sharing!

      1. I am happy that I connected with you Magny you are so inspiring and very creative I wish I wasn’t so far or we would’ ve had lots of fun creating and having workshops together! 🙂

        1. Oh yes!! Yesterday I got an idea on doing a workshop in here! I just need to figure out how to do them….. I have done some fun cooperation before that should be easy and possible in here too. Thank you are encouraging me.

            1. This is wonderful, you are wonderful. I’m so honoured. I have to give it some time for I prefer to use my blog time at the moment to visit blogs and I got to do some more posts. Please give me some more time, it mean a lot to me.

  2. Wow! These are so cute! I love these bags. And their patterns are the perfect kind,simple but have that touch that means a great deal to the looker.

      1. Magny is always nice to hear from you! Thanks I like old Holland too I will check out your post and thank you for the suggestion <3 Stay connected for this Saturday remember my "Featured event?" .-) wimk and hint …

      2. I just bought a Sennelier small travel box 8 half pans colors beautiful! I am sure I will buy a bigger one later on. I needed something to take around in my bag but it would be great anytime also at home. I like that they are natural honey based! Now i can’t wait… 🙂

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