Creativity and mistakes


Hey everyone!

Well.. just the other day I made a silly mistake. I pushed "publish" before I intended to and the post went out. Sorry about that!

I saw what I was doing, but a 100 Milli sec to late. I tried to stop it...... but I had send it to all my mail subscribers.

In art we do welcome mistakes, or I definitely do. I believe that mistakes and experimentation are a positive part of us. It is the differences that make us unique and define our style. It is implicit in my style and is part of everything. You get your style from your knowledge and also from the lack of it. What you can`t do is equally important as everything else you learnt.

Should I embrace my mistake? mistakes and failures are gifts, guideposts in our learning and growth as an artist. So embrace failures, mistakes, and shortcomings because they not only make us uniquely they actually makes us who we are. The failures are shaping the diamond that you are!

Mistakes teach us to accept our fear, pointing us to something new we didn't not knowbefore. They tell us something about our skill levels, and they help us to see what matters and what does not.

When you try your best, but you don't succeed, you should just do it over and over till you have what you need. Facing mistakes often takes us straight to the heart of our fears. We can face those fears, and then they can disappear.


Mistakes lead us into a more creative direction.

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4 thoughts on “Creativity and mistakes

  1. I’ve don’t that before-so annoying… I think there should be a window opening with ‘Are you sure you’re ready to publish?’ But yes, mistakes are part of life!

  2. I like your wisdom about mistakes.
    I’m much more able to embrace ‘mistakes’ in free art-making than in other areas.
    Recently I programmed a post to go out way before I intended. Then I felt shame plus a whole host of other feelings, but ultimately feel stronger, I guess.
    Also, I feel closer to you – more connected – when I know you accidentally pressed ‘publish’ before you were ready.
    Thank you!!!

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