The shopping bag upgrade

DIY scarf bag

Make a style statement! My shopping bag got an upgrade today. Out of beautiful old silk scarves, way not make your favorite silk scarf into the most luxuriant shopping bag?

For a long time I have been hunting for beautiful silk scarves on flea markets and secondhand stores, for no other reason then that they are beautiful. It is a bit funny for I rarely wear silk scarves, but they are so beautiful and amazing that I just had to find another way to enjoy them.

The scarves I collect are of good quality and have an interesting print. I have for a long time wondered what to make from them and today I got a new idea. It came when I was twisting and playing with all my scarfs spread out all over the floor. (Oh my it was quite messy again). I sat on the floor and I realized that I could give my ugly old shopping bag the most amazing de luxe upgrade! You know the supermarket bags don’t have to be boring. Upcycling your accessories in interesting new ways adds a very unexpected touch that will have people waiting to see what you do next.

DIY bag

You probably know that silk is very delicate, so I have a little trick to keep the bag nice and clean. To avoid liquid making ugly stains I use a plastic bag inside to protect it. (it is hidden) Here is what you need to make this lovely flowery bag. I chose a scarf that was just perfect for the bag, but you maybe have to adjust yours in one way or the other, maybe some draping will look lovely.

– 2 silk scarfs
– Shopping bag
– plastic bag (your choice)


luxe scarf

DIY.3DIY nettDIY kopi

Lay one scarf out flat. Fold it in half then in half again and sew along the 2 sides. Leave an opening where you can see the 4 layers of the scarf. now turn the fabric inside outDIYplasticPut a plastic bag over the old bag. (To avoid liquid making ugly stains and damage your lovely new bag) adjust the size of the plastic bag by cutting and sewing. Now you can connect them by sewing some stitches here and there. Now the plastic bag and the old bag will be united.

Now put the old bag in one of the pockets/openings. It only needs to get stitches at the top of the bag.

Start to sew the old bag to the scarf.

Sew the bag to the silk scarf  layer that is now touching the bag . Now there should be two layers of fabric that is not sewn. Theses will make two extra pockets. I put a string to open and close the pocket but, perhaps you can use buttons or fastners.

DIY bashandelCut the second scarf in two pieces. Cut from corner to corner.

Make a knot around the handle and twist the fabric, not to hard and not to louse. You maybe need to sewing some stitches to hold the fabric in place.


handel-handelDIY scarf bag

O  la la!



43 thoughts on “The shopping bag upgrade

  1. Awww Magny I want one…lol I will not wear this to go to the market for grocery 🙂 this is wonderful as bag! I will add a couple of little changes just to make it functional for use it as go out bag 🙂 awww Magny now you make my inspiration spinning lol You create always beautiful things.

      1. Thank you !! Maybe you can make two? one for the shopping and one to wear when you want to just look cool? It makes me really happy that you get so inspired, it makes me want to do more!

        1. Oh yes! That’s a great idea! I always wanted to have a friend like you and be able to inspire each other, and at times do Art experiments together 🙂 now that I found you you’re in Norway and me in USA 🙁 but here at least we can still share things! 🙂

            1. I love Norway! I drink Voss water sometimes lol. I love the glass bottle! I always wanted to visit Norway when I was in Italy. I visited many countries and Norway always attracted me, like the all North Europe… 🙂

                1. Hi Magny! sometimes I drink Voss it taste really good, and I love their glass bottles which I keep and refill with our filtered water…you’re lucky there to have a great tap water 😉

                    1. By the way, actually I have stayed in Italy for six months, I was a baby sitter and lived in Firenze . So I love Italy, and I love love mozzarella, I should have told you before, I guess…….

                    2. Very nice! I love Firenze I was born in Napoli grow up there my family still there I moved to USA California in 2002 and I miss the real mozzarella here lol because I make awesome homemade pizza! 🙂

    1. Thank you !!!it means a lot that you are making one!
      Yes. I did come up this idea, the way I work often gives me new ideas and is to me some kind of magic

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