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What to do in Oslo?

Walking by the riverside is inspiring in itself and like most of us, I get a thrill from kicking through the lovely crisp dry colourful autumn leaves, so that is what I did, and I strolled around Oslo. I’m really enjoying being back again in the place I lived for 20 years.

I went to the Hipster’ neighbourhood Grünerløkka which is the place to be if you like to meet the young and trendy,  artists and immigrants. Like the hip and cool, Pakistanis and Turks they have all left their mark by taking over old run-down buildings and turning them into cool cafes and restaurants.

This area has bars,  exhibition spaces, boutiques and interesting colonial shops. But I have to mention blå (pronounced “blaa” ) were they hold concerts and where you can go dancing (blå means blue). In the same building you find K.E.M which is my favourite art supply store. Grünerløkka has always attracted artists. Edvard Munch is one of the many artists who lives there. He use to live in both Fossveien 7 and Thorvald Meyers gate 48 (now Schous plass 1,  and, as a student I lived in Schous plass 3).

In that area you can also visit the Mathallen food hall, where you’ll find luxe food and inspired  homemade delicacies from Spain, France, Asian, in fact  food from all over the world. You can also sign up for a cooking class! Enjoy the BEST Norwegian cheeses like “geitost” or the best duck confit sandwich. And Scandinavia’s best coffee bar. Oslo- blå Oslo- blå “Blå”

Oslo APARTMENT. scandinavian vibes


Oslo gives me energy and makes it fun to do drawings. Being with friend is the most inspiring. But I suppose it is everything I experience that make a trip like this great. Here are some drawings I did.

sketchbook, watercolour

I got my self a new Pentel Arts Portable Pocket Brush Pen, is perfect to creating fine to broad lines just like a brush. The pen is refillable with permanent pigment ink. you can get Pentel at Amazon.


skissebok ,scandinavian vibes. what to do in Oslo. Norway. Sketchbook, watercolourSketchbook, watercolour Sketchbook, watercoloursketchbook, Watercolour
Artist walk

I went to some good gallery´s and I got to see an exhibition of Hilma af Klint she did beautiful large and colourful works . She was one of the history’s first abstract artists.

‒ “Hilma af Klint was an artist with a clear sense that she was ahead of her time. Even though she was making abstract paintings as early as 1906, she never exhibited these ground-breaking works in her lifetime. She even wrote in her will that these paintings were not to be exhibited until 20 years after her death; only then would the time be ripe”, Hoegsberg elaborates.

Here is how to get to  Henie Onstad Kunstsenter

scandinavian vibesscandinavian vibes

scandinavian vibes, JOHN K. RAUSTEIN at Galleri Format And this is JOHN K. RAUSTEIN at Galleri Format 

osloMarjorstuen is a great area for shopping and Bogstadveien is the best shopping street in Oslo, if you have money.  As you can imagine Marjorstuen is also a popular place to live. The area is typically European with elegant houses from the 1880s and 1890s.Oslo APARTMENT, shooping in oslocountry chic,  place at: Vibesgate 2. Marjorstuen

Oslo- blå scandinavian vibes

         Duck eggs.scandinavian vibes

Kr.100 = $ 12, pricey?  Here is a link to the: farmer’s market

Have a fabulous day!

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  1. Hi Magny!! I wish i had known the addresses you share five years ago when we spent a weekend in Oslo! Well, it seems another trip just has to happen one day soon! ツ Lovely drawings and pics!

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