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My best holiday souvenirs are things we find in nature.

When I am on holidays I most often bring back something I pick up from the ground. I will find a beautiful flower or I will pick up shells. In a metropolitan city, I will look for a stone. When I think about it I have no idea when or why I started doing this. Probably from childhood when you have ideas like a clover or a stone can bring you luck.

Anyway, here is an idea I have been doing in my sketchbook for some time now. I find my souvenirs for inspiration for drawings. The nice thing about it is that I start to remember things. Photos can’t compete with these treasures that I have collected from all over the world. I remember different things liken the smell, temperature humidity what I was thinking about at the time,  and so on. Sometimes treasures like this are given to me by a friend. It is such a lovely gift and to me the are the very best souvenirs.

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Art Supply

  • W&N Gouache
  • Lamy LX fountain pen 
  • Micron pen and UNI pin Pigma Micron Pen fine line
  • Pilot CHOOSE 07. White gel ink pen 
  • Watercolors St.Petersburg
  • Moleskine Watercolour Album


Shell art

Today you get a little peek into my art sketch book. I keep it for testing colours,

Watercolors sketchbook

painting sea shells


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    1. Thank you so much for the nice words. It has taken me years to collect them, but it’s worth it. It was never my intention to make a collection but, I am totally glad I did. you can start collecting now 🙂 ?

  1. Good post! I too have enjoyed keeping “vacation sketchbooks” and have found them invaluable as a resource for my fine art – as well as just for those times when my sweetie and I are wondering “when was on our holiday that we saw the big ships…” Thanks for sharing!

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