Sensual Healing

Elsa Wendt

How my mum used watercolour painting, healthy food and exercise, to heal her arthritis.

I always loved anything and everything that has to do with creativity! When I was growing up, my mom was always sewing, drawing, painting or making something.

My mom is an excellent chef, and cooking was her main job, but the rest of the time she always did something creative. I have a long line of creative and and artistic ancestors behind me. Before her there were more artists, for example my grandmother.  YES. it  makes me proud.  I grew up knowing that my heart beats with excitement for all art and design.

I remember that I admired my mom´s drawings and tried to mimic her. I found her work absolutely amazing, It probably made it very easy for me to follow my family´s artistic path.

15 years ago my mom was diagnosed with arthritis in her hips. Intense pain kept her up at nights and marred her days.

She started to paint ladies with volouptuous hips having lots of fun relaxing and enjoying  life. My mom says ” When I become ill, I started painting these ladies. I felt that my aching hips where as theirs. And I  think they become a symbol for me, a hope that I would one day feel better, because when I painted, I didn’t feel the pain.” Incredibly, my mom become well again without an operation, after several years of daily intake of healthy foods and working out.

Her blog Elsa Wendt

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Food for the Soul (my mums recipe and watercolours book)

Eventually some of these  passions merged and she wrote a cookbook, filled with her amazing favourite “everyday recipes”  and fun  illustrations, the book became a success and has been republished a couple of times.  It was written in Norwegian and there are just a handful of copys left.

Below are some images from my mum´s book.

Elsa Wendt

Elsa Wendt

Elsa Wendt

Elsa Wendt

She always make something creative out of what ever she is doing.


Elsa Wendt


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13 thoughts on “Sensual Healing

  1. What a wonderful story about your mother, yourself, your lineage of creativity! And the cookbook with your mum’s art. Delightful! Plus I hear of the healing power of creativity in your words and images. Thank you, Magny. Coincidentally, my most recent post is about threads of creativity through the generations too.
    Keep up the good play!!!

  2. I love all of the paintings! I sure can relate as I suffer from chronic pain due to arthritis, fibromyalgia and neuropathy. I also paint and draw and it does take my mind off of the pain and feeling bad.

    1. Hi Kathy
      Sorry to hear that you have these struggles, it is important to find something to help through challenges like this. I am happy for that you too have found painting relieves the pain. When you think about it, it is just amazing that something “simple” like art can replace some painkillers and make the day easier. I have not thought so much about pain relief, but when I teach for example older people I see it helps them through a difficult times, if a loved one passes away, or when people struggle with angst and depression the art can be a good “bonus” to therapy.

      1. The depression and anxiety go along with the physical symptoms, but I think we all have some kind of struggle to deal with. It is wonderful that art can take us away to a much happier place. Thank you so much for sharing your art and wonderful story of your mother and her art as well.

  3. Oh Magny how is happened that I missed this sweet post about your mom? You wont believe me but I have seen somewhere the cover of your mom coockbook I don’t remember where, but I do remember it very well because did bring me a smile when I came across with it and I remember the ladies! I just didn’t know was your mom! Wow! Lol It Is so nice to know more about you and your mom fantastic watercolors and creativity her illustrations are so cute and what a beautiful idea to illustrate her own coock book! <3 Much love to you and to your mom 😉 <3

    1. Oh how cool is that? It maybe you found my moms blog here on WordPress? Anyway It is in Norwegian so it didn´t occur to me to put the link in to the post. I am so happy you like the her artwork and what a lovely thing that it can bring a smile. I will try to get here to translate a recipe from the book… XoXox

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