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Spring is finally here!

Many birds fly south for winter and when we hear then singing again it is a sign that spring is here.

I have been waiting for the birds to come back. I wonder where they went and the nature programs tell me that some of them went all the way to Africa. If I was to take an airplane at 500 miles per hour it would take me at least 6 hours to get to the nearest part, so it must take the birds several weeks to make the journey. I am always in awe of what the birds and the bugs and the animals can do.

I haven’t yet seen the summer birds (like the swift and the swallow and the cookoo). But in meanwhile, I went to Pinterest and found some pretty photos of two sweet, sweet parakeets from the hot rain forests which I painted to feel warm inside.

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I been using some very good masking liquid for watercolors, soon I will have a post about how I did these paintings.

art journal , watercolour, how to paint

art journal . flowers, hanami, sennlier watercolour

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