Paint a coffee mug using your Coffee

paint your coffee mug

Learning the coffee technique

In Europe, for most people, Christmas is a time for the family to be together and to eat a big feast in the middle of winter. Although Coffee came here only a few hundred years ago and was not really traditional from long ago, we always have good coffee at Christmas time.

Hello, everybody! You maybe remember some weeks ago, I  made a post about how to paint with coffee. I tried the fun and super easy coffee technique and made two videos. In the first post I presented the technique and in this post, I am showing the second video, where I painted my coffee mug. If you missed part one go to:  coffee painting tutorial 

After painting the mug I ended up drawing a boy (or a girl I am not sure). I scanned him in to Photoshop and made a new digital illustration.



watercolor coffee

Digital illustration

When I was testing the coffee technique I made a blob, just to test it, but I noticed that it was a potential painting because I could imagine the legs, I didn’t really plan to turn it in to something, but I ended up making this science fiction person. I scanned him in to Photoshop where I continued working, I have been so inspired by doing these two techniques together that it has been giving me lots of energy. I am taking a class “Photoshop for Illustrators”   taught by Stephanie Fizer Coleman. If you are in to photoshop I highly recommend this course, it has been awesome and inspiring!

Digital art doesn’t have to look stiff and cold. With the right knowledge, you can create Photoshop illustrations that look just as organic and painterly as a real life drawings and paintings. Intended for illustrators, artists, and designers who are new to Photoshop, this class will tackle the basics of digital illustration.” Stephanie Fizer Coleman

Here is what I did


how to paint

photoshop illustration, Magny Tjelta

Work in progress. Technique: Coffee painting and photoshop.

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