Memory BOX

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Put a memory in a box

What do you give to a very good friend? Someone you have known for years? Someone, you have a very close relationship with? It is not to easy. You look in the gift shops and on-line and you find good ideas, but a great idea?  Something personal? and if you are on a tight budget???

Well here is the gift that is so special, so personal, so precious, that everyone will love it and keep it for years.  You don´t need to be an accomplished artist to make it. You can make it if you are six or sixty-six. For me, this is a great way to be creative.

I have done this for a very few very close friends and they absolutely loved it.

DIY memory box. gift memory box memory DIY box

What do you need?

Well you probably have it all already – a pencil, water colours, and good quality paper or cardboard. These can come from cutting up the bags and boxes that you get from clothes and shoe stores or left over paper.

You need lots of memories you shared together. You can look over the old photos to get ideas.

Then you do a little drawing on the paper that will remind the person of a fun thing you did together, or a funny thing that happened, or a crazy story, but the very best is a secret you share that no one else will get.

If could also be a little poem, a couple of lines from a special song, a quote from a movie, that only you too shared. If you are not so good at drawing you can find an image on the web and copy it.

The drawing could be a beach chair to remember your first holiday, or a guitar to remember a special concert, or a plate of food to remember a delicious meal, or a birthday cake to remember a party.

Then when you have some drawings, make the box to put them in. Here is a post on how to make the box yourself.

box DIY

Imagine getting this box filled with memories from a son, a daughter, a parent, a lover, a very close friend, or anyone. Wouldn’t this be one of the best presents ever, much better than something picked from a web site.

What is the best present you ever gave or received?