IKEA hack, the perfect valentine gift. 

ikea hack mug

Hello, hello!

Today I`m very happy, because I have made the perfect, personalized, original Valentine´s day present for my love.

Find inspiration everywhere.

Yesterday, I went to IKEA to buy some shelves for my daughter’s bedroom. Any of you who have been there will know that they have lots of inexpensive items that have a wonderful,  simple Scandinavian design. When I was there, I realised that I could take any one of these simple, but nice objects and with a little effort I could make it into an original, personalized work of art for the one I love.

I chose IKEA 356+  mug for a few kroner ( 2.5 euro or 3.99 dollars + the surface protecter), but I also looked at lamps, pencil and stationary holders, storage boxes, lampshades, plant pots and many other things. Any of them would work very well, but I know my love will use this mug every day so I chose that for him.

So, I came home with a nice white mug. I have decorated mugs before, and I  remember he was thrilled when he realized that I had done the drawings on them. So this Valentine`s day I want to surprise him with a mug especially designed for him.  Something he can use everyday to remind him that I love him.

This is how I did it:

I am using a permanent porcelain pen that you can find at most art suppliers. You should make sure the pen is non toxic and dishwasher safe.

I then drew little hearts all over the outside and some on the inside. You can do what ever you want. You could write a message, draw a picture, write a poem, anything he or she will like. (You could also put a message on the bottom of the mug that only he or she will see when they finish their coffee).

When you have finished the design, you may have to bake in the oven for some time, to make it permanent. Check the instructions on the pen.

I hope he LOVEs it.

PS, I found loads of inspiration in IKEA, but if you there is not an IKEA near you, there must be alternative outlets that have simple articles that you can upgrade and personalise.

ikea hack mug. valentines day gift ikea hack mug
Ikea hack, mug, paint

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