How to paint a parakeet

undulat how to paint an parakeet

Have fun and paint a parakeet, today I will explain how I think when I paint the bird. And I start with the parakeet because it is not to difficult. I found a photo I like and will use this as an guide. You know it dosen’t have to be exactly the same as the photo.

Under you see that I have drown a circle and an oval having a rounded and slightly elongated outline or shape, like that of an egg. The beak of the bird is like a little triangle. This is pretty easy to draw and the best way to start. The next is to look more closely at the photo and use the pencil to draw the right curves.


undulat how to paint an parakeet


I use a Water Colour marker from Winston & Newton, when it is wet it will integrate and blend well with the other colours . For me it is important that the drawing is alive, and here are some tricks that will make the bird breath. I don’t lock the outlines, and I vary the touch of the pen. Thin and thick, thick and thin. This is very important in this drawing.


undulat how to paint an parakeet undulat undulat

I wet the paper first and add the two blue colours. I paint the blue like a doughnut. I don’t paint in the middle. After, when the blue is dry I will add yellow on the forehead and the stomach. By doing this I will make the stomach come forward and the blue will integrate to the background. it is also the biggest contrast you can make by using primary colours and it will also give a great colour perspective.
undulat how to paint an parakeet

I add more and more colours til I get a good contrast and that it is bright and lively.

undulat how to paint an parakeet

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39 thoughts on “How to paint a parakeet

  1. That is an awesome bird! I enjoy watercolor things too. I have watercolor colored pencils,but I’ve never heard of watercolor marker. You learn something new everyday.

      1. You’re welcome! I’m in love with watercolor, but I’m also enjoying ink, ink & wc together, and colored pencil sketching as well. I’d like to add art quilting at some point too. Maybe watercolor paintings sewn into quilts.

  2. That is very cool. However, I think you may be mistaken when it comes to me. I cannot paint a parakeet. Cannot. I have a hard enough time just with my own fingernails.

  3. This is such a beautiful tutorial! Magny you always have great ones! 🙂 As you know I do watercolor paintings and I love the technique as you do, it is one of my favourite medium. This is a great step by step and I love the finished painting it turned out so beautiful! 🙂

  4. Great! Thanks for sharing your drawing thoughts. And the result is wonderful – you have captured the cheeky personality of this bird and the drawing certainly ‘breathes’. 😄

  5. The painting is lovely and the tutorial is really very useful! Especially for a watercolor painter like me. I just want to thank you a hundred times for running this kind of a blog. I just saw your post reblogged by Yesterday After, she’s a good friend! 🙂

    The point about not locking the figure in stiff lines is really striking. The post gives me a lot of inspiration as I am always into watercolors (& other media) and post my artworks on my blog. This one is surely going to be a lot of help! <3 Thanks again.

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