How to be creative. Tip of the week Number 1…….

how to stay creative drawing, watercolour penDo something different (and have some fun at the same time).

One of the things that can stop you being creative is being afraid to make mistakes.
Another is not knowing how to break outside the usual things you do.
You can often set rules for yourself that are smothering your creativity and you don’t even know it.

Break outside the bad habits, play a game with new rules.

Part of the role of a true artist is to challenge the status quo, to make people think and question the things they take for granted. So, true creativity involves breaking some rules. It doesn`t have to be completely different to what you normally do … and sometimes the best way to break some rules is to make a new, unusual rule and see what happens. I have described what I did below, and because it is a game of chance, you do not have to love your new creation, but, you must follow the new rules of the game and the game will become fun.

how to stay creative drawing, watercolour penI have been drawing a lot lately using my new pens, they are pretty awesome watercolour pens that are both rich and bright. ( LYRA  Aqua Brush is a water-based ink pen)


What I did today was to find a way to let go of my usual choices of colour combinations. My new rule was that I had pick three or four pens with my eyes closed and use those colours in a drawing no matter what!  I also decided that I could only spend 10 to 15 minutes on every drawing.

how to stay creative drawing, watercolour penhow to stay creative drawing, watercolour penAnd do you know – I liked it. I had to draw with unusual colours  combinations that I would not have chosen together. Some were ugly combinations, but they produced very interesting results. It can be inspiring, when the process produces an interesting outcome. When I look at them all afterwards, I see that the new rules have produced very inspiring results.Drawing .how to stay creativlyra art pen2What do you think about this one?

Drawing .how to stay creativlyra pen

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