How artists make a living and manage money. 1

Rude or what?If you have talked to an artist, leaned over, head tilted, eyebrows raises in concern, and in a small voice asked: “How can you manage? How much do you make? Can you make a living doing art?” This post is for you!

I’m insulted by most people’s prejudices regarding artists, almost as if they think that I live off their tax dollars. Money is a delicate subject no matter what field you are in, would you ask non-artists how they can manage? (Is that being rude or what?)

That said, no one chooses to be an artist for money, everyone knows that most artists also have to use their creativity to find income. And that’s what I have been doing!

But first; I must say I am bored by the image of artists as miserable,

starving beings, that need help .While it might have been true in the days of Van Gogh, those days are long gone, today offers many fun and bankable opportunities for artists, besides selling their artwork. …while we are at it, let’s also kill the myth of the red-wine drinking, tormented artist, that spend most of their life waiting for inspiration. Most artists I know, are so ambitious and hard working that they are not even fun to party with.

So, next time you talk to an artist, think twice, or you might just be showing how little you know about the artworld. Some might even think you are a bit stupid.

Be smart and ask something like this: “Besides painting, what other supercool art related jobs do you do?”

8 thoughts on “How artists make a living and manage money. 1

  1. Great post well said Magny! I am totally agree with you and as you I am tired of that “miserable image” that mark Artists! We do what we LOVE what we are talented for and talent is a gift that you have it or not! We don’t do Art because the money but for the love of expression in ways that not everyone can! So forget about the miserable image…

  2. “Most artists I know, are so ambitious and hard working that they are not even fun to party with.”


    I’m thinking of commissioning a bronze plaquette for my wall with the following inscription: I am no fun to party with.

  3. People think we’re miserable,starving and need help? Man am I living under a rock or what! But that’s so untrue. We can manage just fine and know what we’re doing. Very much agree with this post.

  4. I have to admit, I am it seems so. I have no clue what artists do to make money and I am not familiar with the art world either.

    However, it sounds a bit harsh though. I am pretty sure most of the artists have no clue what Business Analysts or Solution Architects do either but it doesn’t make them stupid, it just makes them uninformed and unfamiliar with the subject.

    There are many more things besides arts that I am not familiar with but, as I said, it doesn’t make me stupid.

    1. Hi Dace.
      Thank you so much for checking out the site and I greatly appreciate your comment. I totally agree, I’m probably clumsy when I meet others people and we talk about their work /field.

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog and website. Your visuals are exquisite. I love all the lifestyle content–quite versatile. I’d like to run one of your recipes on my FB page.

    Also, your comment about artists–so true.

  6. As the world continues to fall apart, it’s the artist’s who will be called upon to create a new way to live. I think our time is NOW. I agree with you completely.

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