Holiday Essential – a beach towel with a secret pocket.

secret towel, beach towel with hidden pocket

Make some new perfect and brilliant summer towels.

Enjoying the summer? Any fun summer plans? Mine is turning out to be rather creative and magical but I’m seriously wishing I had a warm lovely summer like last year…    I just upgraded my beach towel and added a secret little pocket.

Away with the old boring towel and welcome cool, new exotic towel. Maybe  this DIY project can inspire you. Use some of your magic and be the star on the beach this summer. It will make a great statement!

Today’s post is vacation inspired and  I am talking about how I upgrade the towels. For those of you on a budget this is super duper for getting the ultra-lux feeling for free.

summer secret

Usually I worry about my phone and money when I am on a public beach. For a year now I been try to figure out how to keep the valuables safe in a clever way. For some time I was thinking “Why don’t  sun hats come with a pocket inside?” So I was thinking of making one. The problem with this idea is that when you go swimming, you can’t dive and you have to swim like an old lady with your head up out of the water. That is certainly not for me.

the star on the beachthe star on the beach, Rogaland, norway

secret pocket in towel, beach towel with hidden pocket
beach towel with hidden pocket

The sun! The sea! The colour of the sea was just so pretty. We had a wonderful time.
I have heard about sun lotion bottles that have a secret place for valueables, that is pretty clever.  But this towel idea came from me when I was colouring my hair.  I wasn’t careful and made huge ugly stains on one of my towels. And I have to admit – it wasn’t the first time it happened. Upcycling is my thing, so I had to do something, but what?

DIY beach towel with hidden pocket

 Another advantage of my beach towel, the sand does not get stick to it so after a quick shake – I lie down and the sand does not stick to me
secret pocket in towel, beach towel with hidden pocketsecret pocket in towel,

 Creativity process

The creativity process starts like this: First questions, What are all the things we can use towels for? One thing is to bring them to the beach……….. So then I thought, what if I cover them with some old fabric? Maybe then they will look fabulous?

I could use some beautiful Africa fabrics that I bought in Uganda some years ago. The idea about the secret pocket came like lightning from the sky. OOOOO yea I just love, LOVE when this kick happens. I had finely solved the problem!  Is´t this why we keep creating things?


You need a towel and some cotton fabrics that are bigger than the towel (cotton scarves or a couple of meters of remnants). I used two different fabrics to make a contrast and pump it up a little. And it will be easier to remember where you have the pocket. I didn’t put a zipper in, or a button, but I will do it the next time. I will  go for the zipper. But, if you are not familiar with sewing zippers, don’t worry, you are going to be happy just to have the pocket.

DIY beach towel with a secret pocket.

diy Sola stranden, Jæren. NorwaySola stranden, Jæren. Norway, DIY beach towel with hidden pocket

I will use my new towels for sunbathing or for weekend picnic at the beach.

african towels, Sola stranden, Jæren. Norway, DIY beach towel with hidden pocket

I hope your summer is turning out to be magical ♥

Magical Summer