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Finally, I am back here to post about my new exhibition. Here are some photos from my exhibition that just opened last weekend, It was a joint exhibition with my two friends Cecilie Mossige  and Gunn Tjensvold who are both from Norway and also with Karina Kazlauskaitė an artist from Latvia,  and  Shwan Dler Qaradaki  how is an Kurdish artist living in Oslo.

Hå Gamle Prestegard (The old vicarage in Hå) is a lovely, beautiful place in the south-west of Norway. It is one of the most visited places on Jæren. The resort has exhibitions of Norwegian and international contemporary art and historical exhibitions.

For my work, I have found old photos in my family album and drawn my great grandpa ,my dad, my daughter and sister I put them side by side to see if something interesting happened.

I have taken some photos from the hours when we were preparing it all, hanging it all up .

magny drawings

drawing Drawings , artdrawings Gunn Tjensvold , hå gamle

Gunn Tjensvold has made embroideries on old tablecloths the theme is copies of lists left in shopping trollies or found in the shopping mall. Who wrote them? we will never know.

utstilling, Cecilie Mossige

Cecilie Mossige  makes paintings some of them using melting ice cubes containing watercolor paints they are making beautiful lines while melting.  And each page is an abstract record of the weather and temperature, more about this later.

reading the news

We were interviewed for the local news paper some days before the opening and one thing that made us laugh was because they said our ages were about 5 years younger than Gunn and I really are . (We had said we were ABOUT 45 years)

A few days after we were  very happy to get a wonderful review  from a respected art critic. Yeaaaa!

fikse ting

To do this work I had to use a laser to get all the paintings aligned.

I obtained information about my lineage from a genealogy program from the internet. It starts with the names of my great, great grandmother and goes back 31 generations to the Vikings, where we eventually can find the name of Harald Hårfagre the first King in Norway.

I am interested in names, dates birthplaces and what it tells about the history. Like how people were moving from place to place, how they got married, etc. For example, it was not uncommon at all to have arranged marriages to create alliances between families and clans.

I find it interesting to see that there are people and generations who have lived a fully long life.

I can’t be sure that the line back 31 generation completely true, and is not so important. What is true is that the names are real and these people lived, got married and had children. In this artwork, I am keen to highlight something that for me is quite abstract, and yet it is based on 99% truth and history.

lasar workHaud, 42 A- 4

img_2722My sister


My daughter and sister are both subjects of my work, I am showing a video next to a drawing of my sister, and both are on a swing.


HÅ gamle




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