Easter craft it is DIY time


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Easter here in Norway is the world’s longest Easter holiday. It´s a time to go skiing in the mountain and stay all day long outdoor in the fresh air, or to relax with family and friends in a cabin just talking, reading crime novels and playing Yahtzee.

Other people including my mom,  like to stay home and spend some time gardening. The winter is over so Easter is a good opportunity to tidy up the plants and shrubs and get the garden ready for spring and summer.


This year I will go to my friend’s cabin which is near the city and there is no snow (yippie!).  I will make the Easter breakfast which will include eggs – boiled, scrambled, fried. The boiled eggs will, of course, be painted before we all sit down and eat together. One of the  DIY activities we will be doing is to drain the eggs and paint them, and this must be the number one  DIY activity among grown-ups and children at Easter.

Chickens, Easter eggs, (and sometimes Easter bunnies) are symbols for Easter. Yellow is the color for Easter so therefore I have painted my tray yellow so that it will bring out the colors of my exotic flowers and lighten up my living room.

gloriosa and easter flowerseaster,norwayDaffodils and Fritillaries

love these exotic flowers and I am now so inspired to do more watercolors

easter decor gloriosa and easter flowers.


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