Drawing the French Riviera from very old postcards.

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Time travel with the jetset

Hello summer and my friends! I will not hold your time for long. Even though it is summer, I am very very busy with several big art  projects, and, I am trying to do yoga everyday!

I have also taken a web class by Melyssa Griffin (She is a blog-social-media-Guru) that really helped to help me see what methods can be great when time is so short. Last week I got a sweet little bonus course,  it was just what I needed. She had something called “Miracle mornings” and it is from there I got the idea to do the yoga. (If you are new to yoga here is a link to a youtube video I now use, I found it totally randomly but it is good. Yoga for Complete Beginners to Improve Flexibility by Katrina Repman).

Well anyway…. yoga, journaling, structuring and working: I have some hard deadlines for my projects and so I am just now trying to put all these things into a schedule.  But what I want most of all is just to paint something nice and fun. In between my art projects I am doing some work in my sketch book that I know will give me energy.

I have some old french postcards that I just LOVE, because they are of people on the beach relaxing and swimming and doing everything I would love to be doing now. Drawing them makes me feel as if I am there in the 1930´s in Juan Les Pins on the French Riviera.  I love them so much that I made you a PDF file : old post cards from Juan Les Pins in France.  You can print it out and  hang it on the wall, use them in your Art Journal – Hi, yea! Of course draw the postcards. Vive la France, OohLaLa. Right at the bottom of the post I put a link to a fantastic stylish video of a 1960´s pop song that mentions the Jetset in Juan Les Pins. Listen to this while you are drawing, It will help us get into the grove.



la plag, watercolour ,art journal





This is my “Time travel” back to the 1930´s , the time of the Jetset on Juan Les Pins in France.  I made you a PDF file : old post cards from Juan Les Pins in France. 

On the upper right side you see a Hotel, on the two first post cards, where they stayed and where they still stay.  The Hotel Belles Rives  are apparently where jetset still love to stay.   Scott Fitzgerald was there writhing  ‘Tender is The Night’ and what a beter place to get inspiration for the novel ‘The Great Gatsby’ yep! it is all true! And Hemingway, and Pablo Picasso, and the list is long. And this days you have Naomi Campbell, Courtney Love, Mick Jagger, Ronnie Wood, Segolene  Royal, Fats Domino and kings and queens.

By the way , do you know French? Can you translate this post card?

postcard-old-frenchWatercolors- Drawing holidays


My schedule is working !!!



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5 thoughts on “Drawing the French Riviera from very old postcards.

  1. Hello, Magny, thank you for bringing back memories of sitting on that beach in the 1970s, in those days we had to pay for th deckchairs and parasol but that included a waiter to serve drinks! The translation goes like this: Best wishes from Juan les Pins, hello from my parents not forgetting Mr. Deserces and Jean Menutarbe. Villa Neptune, Juan les Pins.

    1. Thank you Valerie! Fun to hear what the scribbling meant, French seem so hard to learn. I,m happy I could bring back your memories from the 1970s! Itust have been a great time, having an parasol and a waiter, bringing drink. Did they have the little paper parasols in the drinks and crazy names?

      1. Quite possibly, I can remember having rose wine for the first time and salad nicoise for lunch at the restaurant on the beach and the tight shorts the waiter wore were very memorable too! Every body seemed very sophisticated and rich to me, an English girl on her first visit to the Riviera.

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