Drawing something beautiful in my sketchbook

magic sketchbook.flowerDrawing on black paper


Here’s a couple of my sketchbook drawings from this weekend.

I got some flowers and a pineapple at the supermarket. The flowers where on sale, they were going a bit sad, but I think it makes them more interesting to draw!

I rarely draw studies for my paintings, but I sketch a lot, in fact, anything that is placed in front of me. I guess these can be seen as studies too but they are not intended as preparation for other art work. I am now trying to form a new habit of working 20 minutes a day in this sketchbook because I know the more I do, the more creative I will be.


flowerDrawing on black paper


flowerDrawing on black paper

I’m never really that well prepared, and I am just trying to make them turn out OK. Most of the times the images are jumping from my mind to the sketchbook page, and it never turns out how I imagined it would be,  and this make it much more interesting to me.


flowerDrawing on black paper

Find Inspiration in Nature

Here are 6 ideas to help you get some inspiration from nature:
  1. Go for a walk in a park, a forest, in the countryside, the beach, a mountain, or a lake. Bring your sketchbook and draw everything that looks beautiful and lose track of time for a while.
  2. Bring your camera in your pocket and photograph the trees, birds, flowers, animals, plants and anything else that is interesting.
  3. Listening to nature sounds. Maybe you like what i like……. bird sound for drawing. You will find lots of videos on YouTube.
  4. Draw or paint a scene from an old photo of a forest.
  5. Find some books about nature, look at the beauty of the oceans, forests, flowers, and caves and then plan what you like to do.
  6. Buy a new plant or some beautiful flowers and draw it in your sketchbook. (buy flowers that smells good) I found the nature in the supermarket……LOL


flowerDrawing on black paper

Wishing you magical wonder vibes for the day.


flowerDrawing on black papermagic sketchbook.flowerDrawing on black paper. art



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  1. Great Magny I love the black background in this sketch book it creates a beautifull effect! I am trying to do the same sketch or draw something every day! It is true more you do it more creative you get! I always draw, sketch or paint freely I never prepare anything somethimes only few pencil lines and I let go my imagination free I always love to see what turn out! Lots of love to you <3

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