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My new Art journal.

I found a treasure in a second hand shop. I fell in love with this beautiful blue notebook that is decorated with gold leaf. I love that it is written Norwegian, French and English and that it has the most beautiful hand writing. It is written in different colours of ink. This book made me think about traveling, and all the places I wanted to go.

Years and years ago I found a article in a magazine about traveling, It had a photo of a fantastic hotel in Budapest. It inspired me to paint the swimming pool and I wrote down the address to the hotel. Not that I plan to go there, but the address gave me a aesthetic pleasure. It sounded so exotic, just like a beautiful song you hear for the first time.

I had a opportunity to go to this city some years ago and I decided to there stay one night and go to this swimming pool. The experience was so wonderful, it was the great feeling of a dream coming true. (Well, I got a shock when I went in to the water for it was so, sooooo cold, I didn’t imagine this in my dream.)

The point is that I want this particular Art journal to be filled with beautiful things i want to see and places I want to go to. I believe that drawing and thinking about things you want, will make the dreams be more likely to come true, and then when it happens, I know I will be grateful and love and appreciate it even more.


art journaljournal. art journal Art journal Art Journal, Flowers , vacation, draw your dreams, drawing classes.art journal flower
Art journal Art jounal Art jounal Art journal. Vence Art Journal Art journal Revlon

Art journal. painting flowers Art journal Flower, Art journal Art Journal , drawing, flower
Draw your dream holiday kopi

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26 thoughts on “Draw your dream holiday

  1. Oh Magny this is a wonderful and very inspiring post with beautiful photos and all your lovely drawings! I love the idea of making a journal filled with dreams and desired things or any wish! (I have to make one too! <3) what a beautiful idea! I can tell you something about the adorable blue book that you found at the second hand store! I am quite sure that it is made in Italy the writing on the cover says "Poesie" which means "Poems" in Italian. The flowers imprinted on the cover are a typical pattern and design from Florence in Italy, also I guess the cover is in leather right? And it seems pretty vintage, it is truly an adorable found. I love to go hunting at thrift stores and antiques Flea Markets, during my journey I found beautiful things. Keep this little blue journal as inspiring treasure…it is a coincidence that is wrote in Italian??? Or means that one day we will meet? That would be awesome Magny it would be one of my wishes to write in my dream come true Journal 😉 <3 Love to you <3

    1. Dear Carolina. You always make me so happy, thank you. Of course it has to be Italian and from Firenze, what didn’t I see it? And perhaps it is a magical book I will have to make some more drawings about this and will meet !!!!! Have a wonderful day.

  2. You have a fantastic journal and I love that you are putting in your creative mark in it too. Once this book is filled and finished, it will be something so valuable and so interesting for anyone to be shared with.

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