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how to use the mind dump to increase your creativity.


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Mind dumping will clear your mind, capture your thoughts and your ideas. The best thing is that it can make room for creativity and art and helps you relax. If you read the first part of “how to mind dump” you know the classic way to mind dump is to write in a stream of consciousness for about 15 to 20-minutes. In this part, I will tell you a different way you can mind dump to increase your creativity by using paints and colors.

For passionate artists, one can benefit a lot from this brain dump.

Releases space in your head

By the end of the day, your mind is often loaded with a lot of information that can lead to exhaustion and limit concentration. At this point, all you want is to clear your head. By drawing or painting, you can create space in your brain for more creations.

Here are some things you can try out. When you do the mind dumping you should not think of the result at all, no one has to see it and you don’t have to look at it again. It doesn’t matter if you draw or paint. Something else to keep in mind is that you should resist making a piece of art.

One way you can do that is to start with something stress releasing such as experimenting with painting with your eyes closed, “blind painting”. Then you let go of the inner critic. You can use markers, oil pastels or watercolor, whatever you like the most.


start with something stress releasing such as experimenting with painting with your eyes closed, "blind painting". Then you let go of the inner critic. You can use markers, oil pastels or watercolor, whatever you like the most. When you find everything you need just get started

Start with something stress releasing such as experimenting with “blind painting” or painting with your eyes closed. Then you will let go of the inner critic. You can use markers, oil pastels or watercolors, whatever you like the most.

For the “blind painting” just start moving your arm over the page or canvas. Afterwards, You can, for example, go over with a marker and do doodlings on top.

Some other ideas


  • Paint or draw something from today.
  • Paint how you feel.
  • Think and paint a color and writhe down everything the color makes you think about.
  • Make an abstract painting.
  • Paint some colors that represent your feelings.
  • Paint some shape.
  • Use something other than your paintbrush for example use sponges, toothbrush, flowers, knives, kitchen paper, utensils or any other things in your home that have a good texture. Something else? Look for new techniques to add variety to your paintings! I love using anything from nature like leaves, twigs, feathers, you name it.
  • Every time an image pops up in your mind and keeps bothering you, do not hesitate to put it on paper for safekeeping: eventually, you will need it.
  • Start a painting with your eyes closed, have a paper/canvas and all your colors and make a background for a painter that you can finish later.


how to do mind dumping

mind dumping Helps in planning

Once your mind is clear, ideas start to roll in and now you are in a position to create a good plan. At this point, your mind is already relaxed enough to help you lay out a perfect schedule for your project and even have a clear picture for a painting.  So a mind dump can live a clear image of what to paint, how to do it, what you need, and the right time to paint/draw.

When I was younger I often acted on impulse, when it came to what I wanted to paint or make, I just found something that was near me. But over the years, I found that mind dumping helps me become better at planning. I now see that when the mind is clear it is much easier to plan my art.

Before executing your plan, it’s recommended that you make a list of everything you need to complete your art project including tools. Just because you have a plan does not mean you jump right into painting. (This is what has taken me years to learn.)

What happens when you realize the paint is not enough? Or you don’t have the right tools for the piece of art you want to work on? With a good plan in place, your mind is ready to prioritize things, especially where budgeting is concerned. Similarly, mind dumping helps you add things to your to-do-list without worry.

creativity,a brush of a flower

It Helps in reviewing

When you do a project it can be hard to see what is good or what is bad. Making decisions without a clear mind can be difficult because you will not have a perfect assessment.

You can find yourself in a dilemma that will stir a lot of doubts and eventually discourage you but a mind dump helps you assess the situation, analyze tasks and provide the right solution. The same case applies when you are done with the project; give yourself days before reviewing the art.

To make a unique piece of art demands that you are present and have a willing heart, otherwise, you will just be playing with paint.


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