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Time flies and December is here again. The children are getting excited and we want to help them to count down to christmas.

I dont know exactly when it started but in Europe we have made advent calendars for our children for at least 100 years.

When my daughter was three, I made this advent calendar so that she would have something small to open every day. Now she is nearly 17 and she still loves it so much she won’t let me stop this tradition.

I love it too and I don`t want it so stop, but I know she will grow out of it very soon. I love that we still have this connection, I’m sure I’m not the first parent who is thinking the same.

What you need:

  • Printed collage sheet/Amazon
  • Cuttings from glossy magazines
  •  a wooden board
  • varnish
  • paint (I used brown, but it could be green or red for christmas)
  • 24 Curtain screws

I went to a carpenter to get the wooden board cut to the special shape that I wanted, but the shape is not the most important aspect.

Ones you have a board, this is how to turn it into an advent calendar.:

  1. Paint the wooden board (you can use hardware store swatches or left over paint).
  2. Choose the title and cut out letters from fashion magazines. (my title is “Angel Kids” in english)
  3.  Mark the place for the hooks for the 24 little gifts on the board
  4. Arrange and glue the numbers above each hook.
  5. Arrange and glue the letters of the title and the angel pictures above the hooks on the board.
  6. Varnish the whole board.
  7. Screw all of the 24 hooks into the board.

From the photo above you see that I made lots of small fabric bags to put the things in, It took ages to make them, but you can reuse them year after year. If you dont like sewing, just stick to paper for wrapping. And If you like to sew you probably know how to make small bags nice and cool. So I am dropping the tutorial for them for now.

Make the holiday season even more merry, Now you can wrap and pack 24 small, nice and even silly presents to hang on the hooks.

advent calendar DIY

advent calendar DIY

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9 thoughts on “Advent calendar

  1. IBeautiful post! I love the Advent Calendar <3 I like them so much that I want one for me too lol I share the same tradition like you with my daughter she is 12 and we every year try to have one. Often they have the little window that open and every day there is a little surprise often is Chocholate or other little things! It is a very nice things to do for kids it makes the waiting for Christmas day more magic <3

    1. 🙂 Wonderful and yes! you should have one too and that makes me think that I would love to have one as well. Why dont we make one for each other for next year?

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