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For many years I worked for the Norwegian part of an international charity organization. My role was to help them maximize the income from articles donated to their charity shops. I taught the employees and volunteers how to set a value for the items, how to recognize those of high value, and those that could not be sold  but could be upcycled. I also designed many products that could made from the upcycled materials. Only the materials that are not good enough quality for sale in a secondhand shop will end up as a bag or a purse.

I think the one I am most proud of is  the note book I designed some years ago  NRK TV January 12. 2011 featured this notebook and some of the people who now make it. It is still being made and is a very good selling product.  It still makes me very happy when I see it being used or when I see it for sale in a book shop.   If you would like one you can support charity and get it here.

Another major product line were bags made from leather and materials that would otherwise have been thrown out. The pictures below show some of my designs as featured in some major magazines. (Dagbladet, Elle, Interior,…)

Above you can see me wearing one of the bags I designed, that is made from old fabrics. In the next photo I am on a bicycle ride to promote redesign. In this project, eighty students were each given an old bicycle to redesign and these bicycles are now in different locations all over Sandnes.

The bags and purses were also featured in Oslo fashion week 2009.

Dagbladet Oslo Fashion week February 10. 2009 Dagbladet

Look for the red purses they are all holding, they are small, sweet, and they are very usable. And are made out of old leather jackets. I love this wonderful fashion show, it is all a lovely blend of second hand and upcycled clothes. The great stylist for this show is Margrethe Gilboe og Linda Sande.


DET NYESee more news paper photographs of the show from the show at  DET NYE

You can browse some of my other eco-sustainable fashion designs here.

Below are some more clippings and cover pages of magazines and news papers that featured my designs.

forever fashion media

I am very happy to see that environmental issues interest the Norwegian royalty.  Below you see Norwegian royal highness, Princess Mette-Marit. at the production location in Oslo.  All the products are made from upcycling old fabrics or leather. Most things shown here are designed by me and are eco-sustainable designs.