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yeaaahooo! Here is the final part of my free color theory course.

My summer has been so fun and busy. I have had 3 major projects all running at the same time. I am working on a tender for the art work for a new kindergarten, an application for art work for the refurbished main street in my town and an exhibition with two other artists in October. So, I have had very little time to blog and to complete Part 3 of my free colors course.

BUT, I am so happy tonight. I finally got the third part of my colors course to a stage where I can publish and share it with you. It is a follow-on from Parts one and two which are already available to my subscribers.

If you haven’t already registered, do so now and get the password to access all of my free subscribers library including the calendar, the coloring sheets, the free course and much more. To  REGISTER FOR THE FREE COLOR COURSE go here and to join go to COLOR COURSE PART TREE

The course took much longer to research and develop than I had imagined. I really hope you liked parts one and 2 and will get as much from Part 3.

It takes a lot of work to research, develop and produce such a course, much more than I imagined.I have kept it fun and light hearted, easy to read with lots of images to demonstrate and lots of exercises to help you try out and easily learn the principles.

But I have enjoyed it so much I will continue to enhance this course and to develop some new ones. I am so excited and I am looking forward to your feedback on what you loved about the course. I would love to make them even better but I need your feedback.

You know, I am always very happy to get your requests.


9 wayst of be an great artist, master colors


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