5 Things I have done to find more time for art

more time for art

How to find time

“How am I spending my time?” Are you one of those people who has a full-time job or is busy with your family but wants some time to make art?   I often hear students talking about how to find time for making art.

A lot of us are busy all the time and are running around doing hundreds of different things at the same time, shopping, cleaning, kids, working. But there are other things that feel just as important. And when you look at it, it is just a waste of time. You know, for example sitting for hours on Facebook and surfing the web. The worst thing is when you discover that you have forgotten half of it.

So here are some ideas to make time for your creative artistic side.

  • Schedule time every week set of time in your diary or calendar to make art. Find a project you want to work on and write down what you need. This will help you to gather the necessary techniques, ideas, and materials beforehand. Small projects are important too. Just 30 minutes each day adds up to two and a half hours a week. Yeap! it adds up to 130 hours each year.


planer .plan your week in a sketchbook


  • Start working in a less time-consuming manner try some new technics and develop a new style that takes less time.


  • Bring a small sketchbook and a pencil with you everywhere. and if you forget the sketchbook, use your phone and take some photos. Find yourself a fun and easy project that you can do every day.


Sketchbook in Stavanger

watercolour sketchbook

Drawing outside


  • Turn the TV off and close down your computer (and your phone?) If you don’t like the silence put the radio on. Then find your art supply and create some art instead. If it is hard to motivate yourself make it cozy around you and find a cup of tea, or even a gin and tonic?


  • Place a tray beside the sofa with your sketchbook, watercolors, water, pencil, fountain pen or your favorite supplies. This is your mini studio.  When you finish always refresh the water so that you have clear water ready for the next session. The tray is perfect for quick tidying when guests show up or your family suddenly occupy the TV.  You can then simply bring the tray somewhere else.
  • It will be hard for you to find an excuse for not doing a little 15-minute drawing. 


Art studio on your sofa

A tray beside the sofa.  This way you have no prep work to slow you down and you will be reminded of what you ought to be doing.

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  1. We love your tips, Magny. Luckily we don’t have to turn off the TV. We don’t have one, that really gives much free time.:-)

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