5 secrets to improve your drawings

 Easy ways to work yourself up to the next level of you drawing. In 5 small steps, you can improve your drawing like an artist.

Easy ways to work yourself up to the next level of you drawing. In 5 small steps, you can improve your drawing skills.

Hi! Happy Sunday to everybody! When you draw you do not have a lot of tools, you have your pencil eraser and some paper, you also have your hand, your heart, and your mind.

I would like to talk about the quality of a line, about the way we hold and use the pencil. I have made a little video tutorial for you so that you can see exactly what I mean.

We hold a pencil a certain way when writing, we do it automatically, and it is the same grip year in and year out. And for me, it is a drawing and it gives a nice precise line. We move the hand to make a smooth line, like when we do the a, m, o, and g and we can do sharp lines like X or W. Perhaps you writing one way when we are in a certain mood. What is your writing when you are sad and busy? What can you express? If it is different learn from it, and use it in your drawings.

Mistakes in a drawing are hard to hide, and you may desperately want a bit of luck, but unfortunately, that doesn’t happen a lot. When it comes to drawing, we must use the imagination on what to do with a pencil, how do you hold it?  Learning these technics it’s a bit like playing basketball ,baseball or football. Like a good sportsman, we have to practice and practice the hand techniques.

My 5 drawing tips are easy ways take a step further on your creative journey. I hope these tips can add some interest to your drawings.


1. Improve your line quality and  work on thickness and thinness. Try thick lines where it is dark, and try thinner lines in areas where there it is light.

2. It can be difficult to make balance in a picture. But, let the drawing develop and grow, avoid drawing from corner to corner. Example, if you draw an apple don’t save the shadow to the last, the apple will hang in the air and the drawing can end up looking a bit stiff.

3. Variation is the magic, Keep lines open, think feng shui or flow. Let the eye wander around between the lines. You can try to hold some of the lines in the light areas open. Let the gaps lead you around in the drawing. The eye will take char of the whole Picher, for the eye is an expert in drawing it together.

4. Use your eraser as a drawing tool.Use a knife to make a sharp edge. To make the drawing fresh, open and alive. By the way, in a supply store, you can look for erasers that look like a pen.

5. Try holding the pencil differently than how you hold it when you write. For example: Hold your grip near the top of the pencil; this will make a more soft light line. You don’t have the same control but it will be more expressive and give life. it probably will look like the line is intended to be there, you add feelings especially if you have some variation on the how hard you press the pencil.

Here are some wonderful inspiration from art history and examples on what I been talking about.

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  1. Great suggestion Magny for a good practice to improve drawing skills and to keep the hand in training and exercise. Also I loved to hear your voice in the video <3 lovely! 😉

    1. HI. Thank you so much!! You been drawing for a very long time and have drawn a lot lately, you are one of the artists that have years and years of experience, so I am very happy you like it! ❤

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