10 Artist hacks

Hack Artist hacks

How to be creative.

“Art is theft”
“Good artists copy, great artists steal” – Picasso.
In art school we had a professor that said something like this: If you use one idea from someone else it is a copy, if you use three ideas from different artists and put them together your work becomes original.


Start by taking the serious humorously and humor seriously.

1)   Don’t comb your hair and make it look like a mess, maybe “bed head” is a good idea?
2)  Don’t clean your house.
3)  Talk before thinking.
4)  Colour your hair, (recently I finaly coloured some of mine pink, and I am so happy with it)
5)  Spend money on something you wanted for a long time and buy something you really want and can’t afford.
6)  Do silly things like…..dance in public or just before for boarding in the airport lay down on the floor and draw something in your sketch book.
7)  Stay up and til 4 o´clook in the morning and do some artwork, poem, paintings ect.
8)  Dress up in weird clothes, It can be clothes with strong patterns, strong colours. A nice dress from the 1950`s and red shoes and make sure you end up looking cool.
9)  Meeting friends in a restaurant ask for food that makes other think of you as difficult ask for vegetarian food, or organic/ biodynamic food, without palm oil and of course free range chicken.
10)  Show up late and give an excuse that is something like: I felt like walking through the streets that is beautiful and romantic. 11) And of course steal ideas for your art work and sharing it with others.

Rose, hair Artist hack Artist hack

After Christmas I’m going to write more seriously about what I think Picasso meant by saying “Good artists copy, great artists steal”.  Then I will not be kidding and joking.

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