This site is for those who want to learn more about drawing, painting and being creative in any way.  I am here to spread positive words about the importance of practising creativity as a healthy lifestyle. The only mistake you can make when it comes to creativity is to think that  “I am not creative”.

I blog about, being an artist, and how you can draw and paint. You will also find upcycle fashion DIY tutorials.

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5 ways to paint using Earth colours

5 tips on how get the most out of your paintings using earth colors

Egg tempera Earth pigments and how to use them This weekend I will go outside and see…


9 Ways to master colors – for artists

  yeaaahooo! Here is the final part of my free color theory course. My summer…

do art, coloring page

Feel pop and top by coloring.

FILL YOUR COLORS IN A BLACK AND WHITE DRAWING. Hello everyone! I have been working on…


Drawing the French Riviera from very old postcards.

Time travel with the jetset Hello summer and my friends! I will not hold your time for…

Elsa Wendt

Sensual Healing

How my mum used watercolour painting, healthy food and exercise, to heal her arthritis. I…

Drawing flowers

Drawing Flowers

Drawings without a pencil outline HI there! It is finally summer holiday here in Norway, and I…

How to set up the table for painting

How to set up the table for watercolours

Workspace for watercolour artists The layout, setup and preparation. How to make your painting experience…

Creativity and mistaks

Creativity and mistakes

undulat how to paint an parakeet

How to paint a lovely bird

inspired from some Old photos from south of France, painting. Watercolour art.

Old photos from south of France

calender oktober

My dear followers

Doodlewash and watercolor sketch by Magny Tjelta of woman's face

GUEST DOODLEWASH: A Sketchbook of Ideas